Video: Bob & Monet Weir – Rollin’ In The Deep

Bob Weir performed publicly with his daughter Monet for the first time at the Grateful Dead/Furthur guitarist’s solo acoustic gig Saturday night in Mill Valley, CA. Monet and Bob offered a cover of Adele’s Rollin’ In The Deep…

Bob & Monet Weir – Rollin’ In The Deep

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3 thoughts on “Video: Bob & Monet Weir – Rollin’ In The Deep

  1. Jane Synd Reply

    She cant sing! completely off key! The old adage a little bit of talent and a whole lot of luck! Terrible not fair to other talented kids!

    • Further Reply

      Your comment makes it clear that you’ve bought into the false scarcity lie.

      So what if this girl has a hand up? It’s awesome that she has a dad who is supporting her in doing what she wants to do.

      What is bob going to do, say: “I’m not going to help you because all of the little kids in the world who want to be singers should be equally disadvantaged.”

      So what if she needs a little more training? The grateful dead did at one point too. Let people grow and stop putting them down for not being perfect. It’s all about the journey anyway.

  2. Gerri Garcia Reply

    She is a little girl with a lot of potential. If her father has the ways and means for her to practice her chops & sing in front of an audience, that’s his perogative. You are probably the daughter of a garbage man who is bitter and jealous!…how dare you put down a little girl who wants to sing. pick on someone your own size! IMHO, I thought she had a wonderful little voice. & how cool was the accoustic guitar accomp. from her Dad?!

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