Videos: Max Creek @ Harvest Party – 1981

Max Creek was assembled in Connecticut over 40 years ago and despite a few lineup changes, the band is still going strong today. For this morning’s video post we came across a slew of footage filmed 31 years ago, in 1981, at Harry’s Harvest Party in Granby, Connecticut which gives us a look at a fresh-faced Scott Murawski on guitar as well as current members John Rider on bass and vocals and Mark Mercier on keys and vox. We’ve assembled a playlist of four covers for your viewing pleasure – Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones), The Harder They Come (Jimmy Cliff), Fire On The Mountain (Grateful Dead) and Alabama Getaway (Grateful Dead). Take a seat in the HT Time Machine as we head back to 1981…

Max Creek @ Harry’s Harvest Party

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5 thoughts on “Videos: Max Creek @ Harvest Party – 1981

  1. Ruben Amaro and Cerise Reply

    did the set really go greatest story>FoTM>greatest story?

  2. larry Reply

    Wow thanks for the post I have loved murawski since 1998 when he came out and played with Phish-the only “tuesday’s Gone” (Foghat). I was only one at the time of this show haha! Nice stage! looks like a cook out my buddy had a few weeks back-THANKS

  3. andy Reply

    The Creek did some crazy seques and sandwiches way back, and GSET>Fire>GSET was not that un-common…

    As for playing with the Phish from Vermont – i have never heard of this Foghat song. I have heard a song called Tuesday’s Gone from a small obscure southern rock outfit… But surely no one could possibly mix those two up…


  4. Frog Reply

    This was one of the most amazing creek shows I had the pleasure of attending almost 40 years ago!
    Creek amazed people then and continue to deliver sweet music now.
    Cant wait to see them again.
    Thank you for posting these clips and allowing me to go back in time!

    • drdtc Reply

      I was there, having ridden my bicycle up from Hartford (I was a student at Trinity College-those were the days). What I remember is that at one point there was just a little bit of rain, really not much of anything, but the sun soon reappeared and along with it, a rainbow. Wonderful stuff! I also remember that paying the few bucks admission got us beer. It was a keggar (and a Harvest Party, indeed).

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