Videos: Max Creek @ Harvest Party – 1981

Max Creek was assembled in Connecticut over 40 years ago and despite a few lineup changes, the band is still going strong today. For this morning’s video post we came across a slew of footage filmed 31 years ago, in 1981, at Harry’s Harvest Party in Granby, Connecticut which gives us a look at a fresh-faced Scott Murawski on guitar as well as current members John Rider on bass and vocals and Mark Mercier on keys and vox. We’ve assembled a playlist of four covers for your viewing pleasure – Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones), The Harder They Come (Jimmy Cliff), Fire On The Mountain (Grateful Dead) and Alabama Getaway (Grateful Dead). Take a seat in the HT Time Machine as we head back to 1981…

Max Creek @ Harry’s Harvest Party


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3 thoughts on “Videos: Max Creek @ Harvest Party – 1981

  1. Ruben Amaro and Cerise Reply

    did the set really go greatest story>FoTM>greatest story?

  2. larry Reply

    Wow thanks for the post I have loved murawski since 1998 when he came out and played with Phish-the only “tuesday’s Gone” (Foghat). I was only one at the time of this show haha! Nice stage! looks like a cook out my buddy had a few weeks back-THANKS

  3. andy Reply

    The Creek did some crazy seques and sandwiches way back, and GSET>Fire>GSET was not that un-common…

    As for playing with the Phish from Vermont – i have never heard of this Foghat song. I have heard a song called Tuesday’s Gone from a small obscure southern rock outfit… But surely no one could possibly mix those two up…


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