Videos: Maya Rudolph Covers Prince w/ The Roots

Last night at Brooklyn Bowl, comedian/actress Maya Rudolph, vocalist Gretchen Lieberum and The Roots teamed up for a set of Prince classics. Rudolph and Lieberum, who go by the name PRINCEss, were clearly living out a dream and seemed to relish every moment.

A number of videos from the performance have surfaced so far via Brooklyn Glutton

First, here’s the ensemble’s take on Purple Rain

PRINCEss w/ The Roots – Purple Rain

Next, check out the group’s versions of Controversy and Dirty Mind

PRINCEss w/ The Roots – Controversy and Dirty Mind

Here, the pair and The Roots cover Darling Nikki

PRINCEss w/ The Roots – Darling Nikki

This video features Let’s Work and Lady Cab Driver

PRINCEss w/ The Roots – Let’s Work and Lady Cab Driver

Finally, watch as the group tackles Head and Irresistible Bitch

PRINCEss w/ The Roots – Head and Irresistible Bitch

You can watch this collaboration again tonight at The Capitol Theatre.

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  1. dP Reply

    videos from the Brooklyn Glutton…check out his site for more Music and Brooklyn Food fun.

    • Scott Bernstein Reply

      Thanks for heads up on source. We’ve added a link to BG

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