Weir’d End To Furthur’s Cap Run: Bob Weir Unable To Perform

Sad news from The Capitol Theatre last night as Furthur guitarist Bob Weir was helped off the stage in the middle of the band’s second set during the final show of the band’s nine-show residency. Weir seemed to be off all night, both vocally and on guitar, which culminated in a scary scene during Unbroken Chain. The 65-year-old Weir fell on stage and was helped into a folding chair that was set up for him by two of Furthur’s crew. He strummed aimlessly throughout the rest of Unbroken Chain, after which the band left the stage only to return a few minutes later sans Weir.

Phil Lesh advised the crowd that Weir hurt his shoulder earlier in the day, garnering hoots of in-credulousness. Lesh and his band mates went on to finish the second set without Bobby.

Here’s video of Unbroken Chain…

Furthur’s next show is on Saturday night in Atlantic City. There’s no word on Weir’s condition. We’ve been blown away by how hard Weir and Lesh have been working in past years both with Furthur and with their new Bay Area venues. We wish Bobby the best and hope he’ll be able to play in AC.



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39 thoughts on “Weir’d End To Furthur’s Cap Run: Bob Weir Unable To Perform

  1. spikenyc Reply

    Seems that TRI has taken all youtube vids down of this incident.
    What BS! TRI should not have any juristiction over these videos.
    Furthur allows audio taping and the capitol allows photos.
    We all know how embarassing this has been for Bob, but that does not mean he or TRI has a right to the youtube videos that were posted.

  2. FanTrust Reply

    Those who deride might think differently if they just tuned in to any of Bobs performances over the last month leading up to that night. Or compare his playing/vocals to that of say 3 or 4 years ago. Personally I think he’s finding a 3rd or 4th wind. Inspiring as hell if you ask me. Especially @ 65. It’s so easy to slip……

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