Wilco’s Newbs

I didn’t take to Wilco right away the way some of my friends did. For me, I had to discover their greatness on my own terms or it was never gonna work out. These days, though, I find myself drifting to their stuff more and more when I ride the subway on the way to and from work — Jesus, etc. is a great “Serenity Now” technique for the woes of public transportation. But hopefully I’m not becoming one of those kids that cheer only when MMJ gets added to Langerado…


Anyway, our friend Double J Jesse Jarnow has posted live versions of 11 of the 12 new Wilco songs on his Frank and Earthy Blog, so I thought I’d share’m with the general listening public. Impossible Germany is just a kickass name for a song and lends itself to all kinds of fantastic parodies like Plausible Namibia…

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3 thoughts on “Wilco’s Newbs

  1. tahoe Reply

    Good stuff

    Ever realize that “Jesus Etc” sounds just like “I’ll be Around” by the Spinners (motown tune)

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