Cover Wars: Thirteen (Big Star)

This studio performance by Elliott Smith was released on the posthumous release New Moon.

Elliott also performed the song live many times, here is a recording from 4-17-1998, a fantastic show to add to your collection.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, here is some video from Australia 1999:

This live cover from Evan Dando of The Lemonheads is found on the Live at the Brattle Theatre/Griffith Sunset EP. Small lyric change in Dando’s version, it appears he wants to get tickets for “the band” rather than “the dance.”

Shirley Manson of Garbage is our first female vocal take on the cover this week. This cover was released as a B-Side to the 1998 hit single Push It.

Video from San Jose 1998:

In the video below, Hole performs the cover for Sessions at AOL. Nice to see Courtney Love ditch the lyric sheet 40 seconds in…

Wilco recorded this cover for the 2006 Big Star covers record Big Star Small World. Though never played live by Wilco, the song has made at least 11 appearances at Jeff Tweedy solo shows.

Checking in on two weeks ago, Vanaprasta crushed the competition with their cover of All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem.


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3 thoughts on “Cover Wars: Thirteen (Big Star)

  1. Drew Reply

    Elliott’s is the only one you need (as much as I love Wilco)

  2. Jorma Reply

    Dudes, the album is not called #1 Record/Radio City. Those are two different albums. The album this tune is on is called #1 Record.

  3. DaveO Reply

    Thanks Jorma, updated. That text link came directly from Amazon and that’s how the two albums are sold now. I should have corrected that.

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