Phish Bethel Night Three: Setlist and Skinny

05/29/2011 Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Set 1: AC/DC BagSample in a JarRiftOcelotYa MarTimber (Jerry)The Oh Kee Pa CeremonySuzy Greenberg46 DaysTwenty Years LaterThe Ballad of Curtis LoewRun Like an Antelope[1]

Set 2: Mike’s SongSimpleWeekapaug GrooveMeatstick[2] >FluffheadJoyAlso Sprach ZarathustraLightSlave to the Traffic Light

Encore: Loving CupTweezer Reprise

[1] Curtis Loew teases.
[2] Japanese lyrics.

Antelope contained Curtis Loew teases. Meatstick included Japanese lyrics.

[via Phish.net]

  • Venue Capacity / Attendance: 15,000 / Sold Out
  • Previous Shows at Venue5/27/2011, 5/28/2011
  • Number of Songs / Length – First Set: 12 / 8:10PM > 9:31PM (81 Minutes)
  • Number Of Songs / Length – Second Set & Encore: 11 / 10:08 > 11:40PM (92 Minutes)
  • Total Number of Songs / Covers / Originals: 23 / 5 / 18
  • Biggest Bustout: Ya Mar (Last Played 8/10/10 – 29 Shows)
  • Debuts: N/A
  • Average Song Gap: 8.65
  • Longest LivePhish Track / Shortest LivePhish Track: Fluffhead (14:32) / The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony (1:44)
  • Wardrobe: Trey = Black Shirt / Black Pants, Mike = Neon Green Shirt / White Pants, Page = Black Shirt / Black Pants, Fish = Dress
  • AudioLive Phish SBDSchoeps MK4V by T. Caine


Merit Badge:

From The Road Photos:

“In Hawley NY, the bus got stuck in middle of Memorial day parade. Driver Morgan waves to the parade goers (5/28/2011 from Trey).”

“We fit right in with the rest of the parade (5/28/2011 from Trey).”

“Trey and Mike checking in on the crowd in Bethel (5/28/2011)”


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  2. MyLisa Reply

    great kickoff boys! can’t wait for PNC!

  3. kyle Reply

    Amazing weekend. I never expect true greatness the first few shows but this weekend was great. Glad to have the boys back!

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