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Daniel Romano & Caitlin Rose: The Wabash Wrecking Ball Revue Hits New York (SHOW REVIEW)


It’s been awhile since Caitlin Rose has graced a New York City stage, but she did just that, albeit a bit nervously last Thursday at Mercury Lounge with Daniel Romano. Though Romano and did double ...

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Jim James Refuses To Compromise Sound & Aesthetic On Powerful ‘Eternally Even’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

MyMorningJacket-SBS-Camden_NJ-20150725-CathyPoulton-023 (800x534)

Jim James has become a kind of thought leader in modern music, putting his feelings about politics, the world and humankind right out in the open and continuously pushing the boundaries of his sound. His ...

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Paul Cauthen Slays With Old School Simplicity on My Gospel’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


Paul Cauthen is singing the gospel of the blue collar man. His deep toned voice goes down like a rich, dark stout, calling to mind a young Waylon Jennings. And on his new record, perfectly ...

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‘ Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith’ Assembles List of Unique Interpretations (ALBUM REVIEW)


How do you pay tribute to an artist as brilliant and singular as Elliott Smith? By assembling an impressive list of artists to interpret his work and make it their own. That is exactly the ...

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Chill Sounds & Hypnotic Guitars Dominate Luke Roberts’ ‘Sunlit Cross’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


That old school folk drifter sound is what you’ll get from Luke Roberts’ earthy new album Sunlit Cross. It’s a breath of fresh air, beautiful and bright, with pared down production and simple acoustic arrangements. ...

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Jonny Fritz Remains Tough To Pin Down On ‘Sweet Creep’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

jonny fritz2

From the start, it’s always been a bit of challenge to pin Jonny Fritz down. His brand of “silly country” feels so unique to him, it’s hard to compare him to anyone else. It’s even ...

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Sara Watkins Shares Songs, Covers & Humor at Bowery Ballroom (SHOW REVIEW)


If you want to hear the most angelic sound, listen to Sara Watkins sing “Like New Year’s Day” off her new record Young in All the Wrong Ways, to a quiet, rapt audience. Such a ...

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Hiss Golden Messenger Makes One Of 2016′s Finest With ‘Heart Like a Levee’


If, like me, you were one of the devout followers of Hiss Golden Messenger’s 2014 record Lateness of Dancers, one of the year’s best, than you’ve likely been waiting for its follow up with bated ...

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Water Liars’ Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster Nails It All With Solo Debut ‘Constant Stranger’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


There are moments in many of the Water Liars’ songs when lead singer Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster’s voice seems to cut through the atmosphere, sharp and clear and hauntingly beautiful. The Mississippi band puts that voice ...

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Dex Romweber Makes Old Timey Sound New on ‘Carrboro’ (ALBUM REVIEW)


Dex Romweber is a kind of mysterious chameleon, never ceasing to morph his sound. And this has never been truer than on his newest record Carrboro, a warm collection of raspy blues, old school crooning, ...

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